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100L – 5000L Anti Corrosive Mixing Tank Plastic Bleach Clothes Making Machine

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:HoneMix
Model Number:HPM


This PP, PVC plastic mixer is mainly used in chemical, medicine, petroleum, and other industrial lines. It is specially for the strong causticity products. Such as the strong acid and alkaliand the water for hair care product.

Basic structure: Three-layer stainless steel tank, upper cover, Upper wall scraping agitation (one-way/two-way), lower head structure, the bottom homogenizer or inner/outer circulation homogenizer, the jacket can be heated (electricity/steam), water chiller cooling and thermal insulation layer.


1) The mixer pot is made of PP, PVC, plastic material. It is very hard to reaction with any chemical product. The stirring blade is made of enamel. This machine has explosion preventing motor. It is very easy to operate, light, also can anticorrosive.

2) The work pressure≤-0.01Mpa, work temperature(PP):-10ºC~100ºC, PVC-10ºC~60ºC.

Latest Research and Development

During the production of liquid washing products, the self-suction type AES dissolver can alleviate worker's labor intensity of feeding and shorten dissolving time.

Other Option
Working process

1. Keep the equipment looks clean, no watermarks, smooth.

2. Keep equipment clean, after finished product should be cleaned with hot water as soon as possible.

3. Check on the stirring blade usually, Are there loose screws.

4. Check the mixing gear regularly adequacy of the grease, any abnormal sound.

ModelWorking capacityAgitator

HPM - 10030-100L0.370-60
HPM - 20060-200L0.550-60
HPM - 30090-300L0.750-60
HPM - 500150-500L1.50-60
HPM - 1000300-1000L30-60
HPM - 2000600-2000L40-60
HPM - 3000900-3000L5.50-60
HPM - 50001500-5000L7.50-60

Applications for anti-corrosion mixer tanks are diverse and include:

Chemical Industry: Mixing and storing corrosive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents, and other reactive substances.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Blending and storing ingredients for pharmaceutical formulations that may be corrosive.

Water Treatment: Mixing chemicals for water treatment processes, such as disinfection or pH adjustment.

Food and Beverage: Mixing ingredients for food processing that may be acidic or corrosive.

Mining and Metallurgy: Processing ores and metals with corrosive chemicals for extraction or refining processes.

Petrochemical Industry: Blending and storing petroleum products or chemicals used in refining processes.

Agriculture: Mixing fertilizers or pesticides that can be corrosive to conventional materials.

Application for Anto Corrosive Mixer

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