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500L Half Open Lid SUS316L Cosmetic Storage Tank

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:HoneMix
Model Number:HST-OL
Quick Detail
Name:Storage tank
Volume design:From 50L to 5000L
Lid:Half open lid
Tank type:Movable type
Discharge:Bottom ball valve to discharge


A half-open lid stainless steel storage tank is a type of container made primarily from stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. The "half-open lid" refers to the design feature where the tank’s lid covers only a portion of the tank’s top, or is designed to be easily removable or accessible. This design allows for easier access to the contents within the tank, facilitating processes such as filling, emptying, and cleaning.

Stainless steel storage tanks are known for their excellent sealing properties, which effectively prevent the intrusion of harmful substances from the air and pests such as mosquitoes. This ensures that the liquids stored inside are not contaminated by external factors and do not foster the growth of organisms like bloodworms. These tanks can be customized to hold capacities ranging from 50L to 5000L. Stainless steel tanks are predominantly used for storing cosmetics, daily necessities, food, and pharmaceuticals, catering to industries where cleanliness and contamination prevention are crucial.

Other Option
Standard configuration
NameStainless steel mixing tank
InletOn the lid, sealed

Cosmetics: Liquid oil, cream, lotion, gel, toner, makeup remover, etc

Daily chemical: liquid soap, detergent, shower gel, hair conditioner etc

Food: mayonnaise, juice, sauce, jam etc

Application for Open Lid Storage tank

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