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70BPH Automatic Pump Bottle Cap Locking Capping Machine

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:HoneMix
Model Number:ACM
Quick Detail
Production capacity:45-80 BPM(adjustable)
Speed control:Inverter control
Bottle Diameter:40 ~ 115 mm(customized)
Bottle Neck Diameter:20~55mm(customized)


Our Fast Automatic Capping Machine features rapid capping capabilities, handling thousands of containers per hour. It offers precision and consistency with adjustable torque settings, ensuring secure caps. 

The machine is versatile, accommodating various cap and container sizes, and includes an automated cap feeder. User-friendly interfaces enable easy operation and quick changeovers. Safety mechanisms protect operators, while durable construction ensures long-term reliability. Additionally, the machine integrates seamlessly into production lines, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Adopt agile module combination, new ideal design, suit to various bottle and cap-rotating.

No need to change parts, easily adjust.

Easy operation and convenient for maintenance.

four group capping consist of first rotating and re-rotating the degree of moment may be adjusted singly. Ensure that will be tight. The machine has clutch to avoid the cap over-rotating.

Two sets of bottle nipping and annular belt structure, Good effect for some bottles erecting unsteadily.

Cap arranging part, conveying part, cap-rotating, belt for bottle, nipping, all of speed can be governing separately, which is more utility.

Choosing automatic cap-sender and cap hopper.

Equipped with high-speed labeling machine

1Bottle applicationRound bottle, flat bottle, square bottle
2Applicable cap Diameter28-150mm (customized)
3Production capacity45-80 b/min (also adjustable)
4Conveyor2400L*140W (mm)
5Speed controlfrequency conversion adjusting speed
6MaterialStainless steel 304
7Dimension2400*1100*1800 mm
8Net weight650kg
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