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Automatic Liquid Emulsion Cycle Filling Capping Machine

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:HoneMix
Model Number:AFM-LCM
Quick Detail
Filling Precision:<±0.5%
Touch Screen:SIEMENS
Power Supply:110V/220V
Filling Range:30-200ml(customized)


The Automatic Lotion Filling Capping Machine is an advanced industrial device designed to streamline the packaging process for liquid emulsions. It integrates multiple functions including filling, capping, and sealing within a single automated cycle.

The machine begins by precisely dispensing the liquid emulsion into containers, ensuring accurate and consistent volume for each unit. Following the filling process, the containers are automatically capped, using either screw caps or snap-on lids, depending on the specific design requirements. 

The entire operation is controlled through a sophisticated PLC system, which allows for precise adjustments and real-time monitoring. This machine significantly enhances production efficiency, reduces labor costs, and ensures product hygiene and consistency. Its applications are widespread, covering industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food and beverages. With a robust stainless steel construction, the machine ensures durability and compliance with strict hygiene standards, making it a reliable and essential component in modern manufacturing processes.

Total Servo Control5pcs
Driven TypeServo motor control
MaterialAll contact material: SUS316, other outside use SUS304
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