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Five Types of Filling Machines & Their Applications
Five Types of Filling Machines & Their Applications

1. Liquid Filling Machines

These machines are also called flow filling machines. They are used in the beverage industry. It can dispense the exact amount liquid-based products required for various containers, such as cups, cartons, and cans.

APPLICATIONS You can use it to pack food items like sauces, cooking oils, soup, and salad dressing.

These are the most common types of liquid filling equipment.

Manual Liquid Filling Machines- This type of liquid filling machine does not require electricity, and is only operated manually. This machine can pour liquid faster and with greater accuracy than if you were to do it manually. The manual liquid filling machine can be used for small-scale production or laboratory use.

Semi-Automatic liquid filling machines - This machine uses a piston, syringe and nozzle to prevent drips. This type of liquid filling machine is capable of working with virtually any liquid, including pharmaceutical products and cleaning detergents.

Fully-Automatic Liquid Filling Machinery - This type can handle large-scale operations as well as high-production needs, making it a popular choice among big companies. It is used to pour viscosity liquids as well as liquids containing food ingredients.

Inline Liquid Filling machines - This machine pours low- and high-viscosity liquids to containers which are arranged along a single conveyor line. It is used to dispense food, dairy, cosmetics, and other products.

Rotary liquid filling machines - Each station moves containers along a series of circular tracks, each serving a different function, such as filling, sealing, or capping. This type of liquid filling machines is used in the beverage and food industries, as well as automotive and personal care.

Piston Filling Machines-This type of liquid filling machine accurately pours products into containers. It is used primarily for filling containers.

The powder filling machines have a light control technology and a spiral feed that allows for high accuracy in filling and virtually no drips. This filling machine can be used to fill both powdered and granulated products.

Free-flowing refers to powdered items that are unable to maintain their shape even under extra pressure. Table salt and granulated sugar are two examples. Non-free-flowing products like brown sugar and powdered milk can be compressed to keep their shape.

APPLICATIONS : Powder filling machines are used to pour additives, starch and feed, as well as condiments and pesticides, into various packaging types. They are used in food, beverage, cosmetics, chemical, and other industries.

3. Filling Machines with Vibratory Weighs

This filling machine uses multiple vibrating trays to precisely dispense the product into a bucket. The bucket will empty the product into the container once it reaches the desired weight.

APPLICATIONS : The controlled distribution of products that are not suitable for traditional powder filling machines is a common use for vibratory weigh filling machines. They can fill dry granular substances that need precise weighing. This makes them an essential part of the chemical and industrial industries.

4. Capsule Filling Machines

This type of filling machine uses a number or piece of material to fill containers instead of weight.

APPLICATIONS They can accurately count soft and hard gelatin capsules, tablets and coated tablets as well as pills.

This filling machine is used for more than just the food and pharmaceutical industries. It can also be used in agricultural, health care and chemical engineering applications.

5. Filling Machines for Positive Displacement Pumps

This type of filling machine has a positive displacement pump head, which can handle a variety of substances.

APPLICATIONS - It is used primarily to fill high-viscosity liquids like gels, creams and lotions. It can also pour water-thin or heavy-paste products. These include shampoo, hair conditioners and hair gels.

Although filling machines are most commonly used to package food and beverages, they can also be used in other industries. These 5 types of filling machines will give you an idea of the machine that you should invest in.

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