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Laundry Detergent Liquid Doypack Filling Sealing Machine Automatic Packing Machine

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HoneMix
Model Number: SPF-S
Certification: CE
Quick Detail
Operator:: 1-2 person
Filling Range: 500-3000ml(Accord to customer requirement)
Speed 20-40 pouches / min
Pouch material PE, PET, AL, CPP etc
Packing size Width 180-300mm, Height: <500mm


Our Liquid Detergent Doypack Filling Sealing Machine is a sophisticated piece of industrial equipment designed to streamline the packaging process for liquid detergents into stand-up pouches, commonly known as doypacks. This machine features an integrated system that includes a feeding mechanism to move empty pouches into place, a precise filling nozzle that dispenses the detergent, and a heat sealing component that securely seals the pouches to ensure they are airtight and leak-proof.

Controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) and operated through a user-friendly touchscreen interface, the machine ensures high precision and consistency in filling volumes while maintaining optimal production speed. Its hygienic design, often constructed from stainless steel, ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, making it suitable for sanitary operations. Equipped with various sensors and safety features, this machine not only enhances production efficiency but also ensures product quality and safety, making it an essential asset for detergent manufacturers looking to optimize their packaging processes.


1. Man-machine interface (PLC +HMI) control system, realizes electromechanical integration, and is easy and convenient to operate.

2. Adjust the bag width by motor control, press and hold the control button to adjust the width of all machine clips at one time, easy to operate, save time and effort.

3. The packaging material has low loss, the machine uses prefabricated bags, the packaging bag has beautiful patterns and the sealing quality is good, thus improving the product grade.

4. The bag stirring device prevents the precipitation of the micro- -particle material. With level control device.

5. Waterproof flush design makes cleaning more convenient. The servo motor controls the metering, speed and capacity directly on the touch screen.

Touch Screen SIEMENS
Frequency Convertor FRANCE
Photoelectric switch OMRON

The doypacking filling sealing machine is mainly composed of a rotary bag automatic packaging machine and liquid and sauce filing machine. Mainly used for: automatic packaging of liquids, sauces, pastes such as detergents, juices, hot pot bottoms, ketchup, peanut butter, jam, chili sauce, bean paste and other materials.

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