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Liquid Machine Homogenizer for Producing Shampoo Show Gel Making Machine

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:HoneMix
Model Number:HHM-1000L
Quick Detail
Working Volume Range:300-1000L
Temperature of Mixer≤100 ºC
Blender Power(SIEMENS)4kw
Homogenizer Power(SIEMENS)7.5kw
Control type:Button/HMI control
Leading time:About 30 days


Our Liquid Mixing Machine is mainly applied for manufacturing liquid washing products, such as shampoo, detergent, liquid soap, shower gel. Also can produce other liquid products, such as wax, hair removal, paint, etc. It's composed of main pot, auxiliary boiler, stainless steel feeding pump, bracket platform, control system.


1. Agitator:

Homogenizer mixers are equipped with frame wall scraper mixer that efficiently blend the ingredients. It help in dispersing surfactants, fragrances, conditioning agents, and other components evenly throughout the formulation.

2. Heating and Cooling Elements:

The mixers include heating and cooling elements to control the temperature of the ingredients during the mixing process. This is important for ensuring that certain ingredients dissolve properly and for maintaining the desired viscosity.

3. Homogenization:

Homogenization is the process of reducing particle size to achieve a smooth and consistent texture. It incorporate homogenizing features to ensure that the final product has a uniform appearance and feel.

4. Adjustable Speed and Control:

The mixers typically have adjustable speed settings and precise control mechanisms. This allows manufacturers to tailor the mixing process according to the specific requirements of their formulations.

5. Material Compatibility:

Mixers are constructed with materials that are compatible with the ingredients commonly used in formulations. Stainless steel is a common choice due to its resistance to corrosion.

6. Hygienic Design:

Given the importance of hygiene in cosmetic product manufacturing, shampoo mixers are designed for easy cleaning and sanitation to prevent contamination between batches.

7. Capacity and Scale:

Shampoo mixers come in various sizes to accommodate different production scales. Manufacturers can choose mixers based on the volume of product they intend to produce.

Other Option
Standard configuration
ModelWorking capacityAgitatorHomogenizer/SpeedHeating method

Application for Mixer tank

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