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Liquid Shampoo Sachet Filling Sealing Machine Sunscreen Small Bag Filling Packing Machine

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HoneMix
Model Number: SPM-L
Certification: CE
Quick Detail
Application product Shampoo, cream, oil, gel...
Application Packing Material Paper,  polyethylene, aluminium foil.
Speed: 5-50ml(less than 5ml can do customized)
Mold: One size bag one mold
Voltage 110V-220V


Our Liquid Soap Sachet Filling Sealing Machine is an advanced piece of equipment designed to streamline the packaging of liquid soap into small, single-use sachets. This machine automates the entire process, from feeding the liquid soap into the system to filling and sealing each sachet with precision. The machine typically includes a feeding system where the liquid soap is stored, a filling system with nozzles that dispense the exact amount of soap into each sachet, and a sealing system that uses heat to securely close the sachets, ensuring they are leak-proof.

The operation is controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that ensures accuracy and consistency, and is often equipped with a touchscreen interface for easy monitoring and adjustment. This machine enhances production efficiency by handling large volumes quickly and consistently, reduces labor costs, and ensures hygienic packaging standards, making it ideal for manufacturers of personal care products looking to meet high market demands with reliable, high-quality packaging solutions.

Packing Size of width 40-100mm (customized)
Packing Size of Length 40-160mm (customized)
control panel simple digital control panel
Heat Cutting Part Automatically one or continuous cutting the bags
Cylinder AirTac

This machine is suitable for packing all kinds of liquid or paste products such as water, juice, oil, cosmetic cream, jam, butter, tomato paste, ketchup, olive oil, honey,sauce, shampoo, lotions, etc, into special shape bag style, such as round corner bag style, bottle shape bag style, client specially needed bag style, etc.

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