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Daily Chemical Laundry Detergent Making Machine with Heating
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this homogenizer liquid mixer machine is suitable for manufacturing various liquid products (such as detergent, shampoo, shower gel etc). It integrates mixing, homogenizing, heating, cooling, pump discharge finished products and defoaming (optional) functions. It is the ideal equipment for liquid products in domestic and international factorie

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Daily Chemical Laundry Detergent Making Machine with Heating


Liquid Detergent Production Plant Line it is workable to produce different formula detergent, such as dishware washing, shampoo, bath lotion, hand washing, softener, glass cleaner, kitchen cleaner etc.

1. Blending system adopts single-direction or double-direction wall scraping blending to satisfy different technological requirement.
2. Frequency conversion speed adjustment.
3. Material can be heated or cooled according to technological requirements
4. Electric heating or steam heating.
5. Various forms of blending vanes are suitable for production of different types of products.
6. Made of imported SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel. The tank body and pipe are subjected to mirror polishing.
7. The stainless steel electric control cabinet can completely supervise the operation of equipment, and disply such data as temperature and blending rotation speed,etc.
8. High -speed disperse(homogenizer) strongly mixed decentralized thick,solid,liquid



Specification Volume(L) Blending
power (kw)
homogenizer power(kw) Blending
rotation speed(r/min)
homogenizer speed(r/min)
100 100 0.75 2.2(single phase)/4 0-65 0-3000rpm
200 200 1.5 5.5 0-65 0-3000rpm
300 300 1.5 5.5 0-65 0-3000rpm
500 500 2.2 7.5 0-65 0-3000rpm
1000 1000 2.2-4 11 0-65 0-3000rpm
2000 2000 5.5 18.5 0-53 0-3000rpm
3000 3000 7.5 22 0-53 0-3000rpm
5000 5000 11 18.5*2 0-53 0-3000rpm



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