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Fixed Type Vacuum Toothpaste Making Line
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Fixed Type Vacuum Toothpaste Making Line



Toothpaste Mixer Consists of Main Manufacturing Vessel also known as Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer. Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer as the name suggest works on the principle of Contra rotation of blades for simultaneous beating and scraping opration. The mixer is highly versatile and mostly used for manufacturing Toothpaste, Creams, Cosemtics and other ciscous product.

It's a complete vacuum mixer system for the manufacturing of viscous emulsion, dispersion and suspension in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It's the fixed cover version of standard RX vacuum homogenizer mixer.

The Mixer is so designed to withstand high vacuum applied during the process for optimum mixing. Our Vacuum Emulsifying Equipment is provided with a jacket for cooling or heating as per the application. The vessel shall have a sheel of suitable thickness with a hemispherical bottom and flanged top dish made out of SUS316L.


Capacity Homogenizer Agitator Vacuum pump Heating
KW RPM KW RPM KW Limited Electric Steam
200L 5.5 0-3600 2.2 0-60 1.5 -0.08Mpa 25 20
300L 7.5 0-3600 3 0-60 2.2 -0.08Mpa 27 24
500L 11 0-3600 5.5 0-60 3 -0.08Mpa 30 36
1000L 15 0-3600 7.5 0-60 4 -0.08Mpa 48 48
2000L 18 0-3600 7.5 0-60 4 -0.08Mpa / 48*2
3000L 22 0-3600 11 0-60 5.5 -0.08Mpa / 48*3
5000L 37 0-3600 15 0-60 7.5 -0.08Mpa / 48*4