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HB Anti-corrosion Bleach Mixer
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HB Anti-corrosion Bleach Mixer, PP mixing tank (polypropylene), pp reaction kettle, anticorrosive mixing tank (mixing barrel) are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, dye, chemical fiber, metallurgy, textile, petroleum and other industries, especially suitable for any highly corrosive strong acid and strong alkali Chemical production; also suitable for the production of hair tonic and toilet cleaners in the cosmetics industry

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Product advantages:

It is made of PP, PVC material, and it not has chemical reactions with any chemical products.

The mixing blades of this machine can be made of PP material, stainless steel coated with plastic, etc.

The stirring motor could choose explosion-proof motor. It has light weight, high strength, safe transportation, convenient maintenance and installation, and good corrosion resistance. Itsoperating pressure: ≤-0.1Mpa, operating temperature PP-100C~1000C. PVC-100C~600C.

The working pressure of this equipment is normal pressure, and the working temperature is -10℃-120℃.

The tank has an open flat lid type and a vacuum fully enclosed type for users to choose.

This product complies with hygienic standards and can replace stainless steel containers for shipping food-grade solutions.

There are a variety of agitating blades, which can be applied to the production of different types of products; the blades can choose frame-type agitating blades, paddle-type paddles, propellers,three-blade propellers, etc. or special customization.

8. Capacity: 500-5000L customize available