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High Speed Automatic Tube Filler Sealer Printer Machine
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1. With stations and matching with manipulator, the machine is able to meet different type of tail folding, sealing requirements of aluminum tube, plastic tube and laminated tubes. It is a multi-purpose machine.

2. The whole procedure of tube feeding, I. marking, tube interior cleaning (optional), material filling, sealing (tail folding), batch number printing, finished products discharging can be performed automatically.

3. Servo control makes it precise and convenient to adjust the filling amount by touch screen.

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High Speed Automatic Tube Filler Sealer Printer Machine


This machine is suitable for operating filling, sealing a quantity of viscosity of oil, cream and gel ointment etc.

The main working principle is: the tubes in the tube hopper vertically enter the tube mold of the first station one by one, and the tube pressing device presses the tubes to the working position, and then moves to the second station together with the drive chain. The tube is detected and benchmarked. The third station fills the tube with inert gas(option), and then goes through filling, internal heating (plastic tube), heat sealing (plastic tube), folding (aluminum tube), and batch coding. A series of stations, such as cooling (plastic tube), waste edge flushing (plastic pipe) etc., arrive at the last station for output of finished products. Each tube goes through such a series of processes, and finally the tube filling and sealing are completed.

*The entire process of feeding tubes, labeling, filling, sealing, coding, and output of finished products can be completed automatically.

* This equipment adopts 2-heads feeding, which doubles the speed of ordinary equipment. And it has reasonable structure, complete functions, convenient operation, accurate loading, stable operation, low noise, exquisite and beautiful appearance.

*The electrical appliance adopts PLC touch screen controller, from liquid to high-viscosity fluid material (paste) for filling, sealing, printing batch number (including date) and other processes automatically.


Power Plastic tube, Multiple tube, Metal tube, Aluminum tube
Capacity 60-100pcs/min
Dimension L3270*W147*H2000
N.W 2200KG