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Máquina de enchimento

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Máquina tampando de enchimento do corretivo do rímel do volume pequeno 1-15ml

Lugar de origem: China
Marca: HoneMix
Número modelo: AFM-VFC
Certificação: CE
Detalhe rápido
Faixa de enchimento: 1-15ml or 15-35ml
capacidade de produto: 30BPM
Altura da garrafa: 30-105mm
Diâmetro da garrafa: 10-40mm
Precisão de enchimento: ± 0.1%


The Automatic Small Volume Mascara Concealer Filling Capping Machine is a specialized device engineered for the precise and efficient packaging of mascara and concealer products. It is designed to handle small volumes, making it ideal for the cosmetics industry where precision and consistency are paramount. The machine automates the entire process, starting with the accurate filling of each container with the designated cosmetic product. It ensures uniformity in every unit, minimizing product waste. After filling, the machine automatically caps the containers, using specialized capping mechanisms to secure the mascara wands or concealer applicators firmly in place.

Controlled by an advanced PLC system, the machine offers easy adjustments and real-time monitoring to maintain high production standards. Its user-friendly interface allows operators to set specific parameters and monitor the process effortlessly. The machine is built with high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability, hygiene, and compliance with cosmetic industry standards. This automation not only boosts production efficiency but also significantly reduces manual labor and the potential for contamination, making it an essential asset for cosmetic manufacturers focused on quality and efficiency.

Material do quadro SUS304
saltador 20L
Material de contato SUS316 / SUS304
PLC Omron
Servomotores Delta

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