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Máquina de engarrafamento líquida das cabeças da bomba de engrenagem 4

Lugar de origem: China
Marca: HoneMix
Número modelo: AFM
Certificação: CE
Detalhe rápido
Tipo de preenchimento: Bomba de engrenagem
Precisão de enchimento: < ± 1%
Filling Nozzle Option: 4/6/8/10 Nozzle
Fonte de energia: 110V / 220V
Material: SUS316


The Automatic 4 Heads Gear Pump Filling Machine is an advanced industrial apparatus designed for precision and efficiency in the packaging and filling of various liquid products. it user-friendly interface enables easy adjustments to fill volumes and speed, catering to diverse product specifications. Its versatility allows adaptation to different viscosities and types of liquids, from thin fluids like water to thicker substances such as oils or syrups, making it a valuable asset in various industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and chemicals.

Our Automatic Liquid Bottle Filler adheres to stringent quality standards, Safe and reliable. Its precise control system ensures consistent and accurate filling, meeting the demands of high-volume production while maintaining product integrity. This machine streamlining production processes and offering a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking reliable and efficient liquid filling capabilities.


The Automatic Liquid Filling Equipment has multi function and featured meets the custom requirements of filling for glass, plastic and aluminum bottles. It can also be applied to many products. such as cosmetics toner, essential oils, perfume, cologne, liquid mouthwashing, liquid disinfectant, liquid alcohol products, medicinal liquid, juice, water and so on

Capacidade do produto 30-40b/m
Cabeça de enchimento 4/6/8 filling heads option
altura da garrafa 30-250mm ( customizable )
Bottle width 20-100mm ( customizable )
dimensão total 2000mm*640mm*1580mm (C*L*A)

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