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Rotary Cosmetics Liquid Emulsion Essential Oils Filling Capping Machine

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:HoneMix
Model Number:AFM-LCR
Quick Detail
Capacity range:25-200ml (adjustable)
Filling type:Rotary Filling Machine
Filling speed:40-50 BPM
Filling Precision:<±0.5%
Bottle application:H 50-200mm, D 30-80mm


The 2-head rotary filler is primarily employed for dispensing cosmetic toner, emulsion, cream, and oil-based products. Its rotary design not only conserves space but also facilitates easy operation, featuring adjustable mold positioning to accommodate various bottle types. The filling precision is significantly enhanced by servo motor control, ensuring accurate and high-quality filling for each cylinder.


1. Rotary design saves floor space.

2. Bottle mold can be adjust, it suit Various bottle types

3. Equipped with automatic blow bottle cleaning system, and then suck out the bottle without additional washing.

4. Double head piston control of filling head, high accurate.

5. Dive the filling head to prevent material leakage.

6. Can be customized cap pressing, suitable for bottles with inner stopper.

7. Double head claw screw cap, suitable for gold-plated, afraid of rubbing marks of the cap.

8. Automatic discharge, equipped with conveyor belt convenient connection conveyor belt follow-up packaging.

TypeRotary Double Head Filling Machine
Air pressure0.5-0.7MPa
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