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What is vacuum emulsifying mixer?

Time : 2022-06-08 Hits : 1

Vacuum emulsifying mixer is a machine for making high viscosity product, it is shears the material in the vacuum state through the homogenizer. In this way, the material will become more delicate, and the oil and water will be melted.

This machine widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, such as cream, emulsion, toothpaste, lotion, foundation, ointment, shampoo, sunscreen, mayonnaise and other products that use emulsifying mixer.

Its structure is generally composed of an main pot , a water pot and an oil pot, a vacuum device, a heating and temperature control system, a cooling system, and an electrical control system. It complete with mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, vacuum, heating and cooling function in one machine.

Our Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer Advantage:

1. The lid of the main pot have automatic lifting and fixed type for your choice. The materials in the water pot and the oil pot can be directly sucked into the main pot in a vacuum state through the conveying pipeline.

2. The heat transfer medium inside is heated to realize the heating of the material, and the heating temperature can be set arbitrarily and automatically controlled.

3. The material can be cooled by connecting cooling water in the jacket, the operation is simple and convenient, and there is a thermal insulation layer outside jacket.

4. Homogeneous stirring and paddle stirring can be used separately or at the same time. Emulsification, mixing, dispersing can be completed in a short time.

5.The whole process including vacuum material suction and vacuum defoaming can be completed under the vacuum status without contamination.

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